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June 15th, 2019

RE: A Road Map To A Healthy Pregnancy

Dear Mom-To-Be,

Hi, my name is Flavia Del Monte. I am a registered nurse specializing in nutrition and pediatrics, a nutritionist and a certified personal trainer. When I got pregnant for the first time, I was so scared of losing my figure and feeling like a beached whale! 

I also heard horror stories from friends with crazy symptoms such as -- morning sickness, constantly bloated, going to the bathroom every three minutes (literally), growing skin tags down there, nausea and vomiting, hemorrhoids, heartburn, and those rage hormones - crying, screaming, laughing (sometimes simultaneously) and having your breasts grow from apples to watermelons resulting in chronic back pain!  These stories freaked me out -- even though I'm very mindful of the incredible blessing it is to get pregnant, stay pregnant, and bear a healthy child. I do not take this for granted. But I couldn't stop thinking, if my friends barely survived morning sickness, how is the baby supposed to survive? Nevermind, thrive!

I'm forever grateful for those scares.

You see, on this very website, I'm not going to reveal a solution for your baby to survive, but to thrive by giving you every technique we found to make the best pregnancy possible -- and boasting an ALL-BELLY PREGNANCY! The odds are high that your baby will be happy and healthy if you follow the core principles we teach you.

Frankly, I prefer not to leave my baby’s health, intelligence and well-being to ‘good genetics’, blind luck, providence, karma, or fate.  I prefer to avoid unnecessary risks and so far I can’t be happier with the results.

In fact, after my most recent check up my doctor said 

“Flavia, you’re as healthy as you can be. Whatever
you’re doing, keep doing it. It’s working!”

I’m also proud to say I have not had a single craving and I always have ladies remind me, “You look great, you’re all-belly!”

Flavia Del Monte

I contribute this to the powerful dietary recommendations I share below on what to eat and what not to eat. I will also teach you how to make healthy food delicious, because if food doesn't taste good, look good, smell good, and feel good, you can be sure that most pregnant women won't eat it.

After getting certified in prenatal exercise, I sought after one of the most espected and trusted personal trainers in North America. After being trained my entire pregnancy I was ready to create my own workout for pregnant women.

The All-Belly Pregnancy focuses on strengthening important muscles to help women carry the extra pregnancy weight and to support labour and delivery. I not only authored the exercise program, I also used these exact workouts during all three trimesters of my pregnancy.

The Problem: Prenatal Exercise Advice is Confusing,
Vague & Contradictory

Now that you're pregnant you're scared to start or keep exercising. Most women know that exercise during pregnancy is safe.

Yet when it comes to the particulars -- Is it OK to work my abs? Can I still lift weights? Should I quit running? Should my heart rate be low? How often? How much should you do? How intense? -- myths and misconceptions still persist, which prevent an all-belly pregnancy and hold women back.

No doubt, there is a lot of fear out there that stops pregnant women from exercising through all three trimesters and robs women of these following outstanding effects:

  • Detoxifying the body
  • Increasing insulin sensitivity
  • Reducing stress
  • Increasing energy level and mental clarity
  • Boosting metabolism
  • Improving cardiovascular function
  • Helping the brain gain better control over the body
  • Maintaining appropriate weight gain

Being Inactive Is The Real Risk!

The benefits of prenatal exercise are undisputed - for both mom and baby.

In fact, many experts say that being inactive is the real risk leading to high blood pressure, excessive aches and pains, and a high risk for gestational diabetes.  It will also give you a healthy buzz helping you feel better physically and emotionally, and the calories burned can help prevent the outrageous weight gain. Our exercise regime will also help you cope during the postpartum period (another stressful period!) and keep the “baby blues” at bay. All good stuff to get excited over!

Now before we go any further lets address the biggest problem for ladies...

Prenatal Exercise & Nutrition Myths
Robbing You Of An All-Belly Pregnancy


MYTH: You should reduce your fat intake to manage your weight.

SCIENTIFIC TRUTH: A baby's brain is made up of 77% water, 12% fat (with lots of cholesterol), 8% protein and 3% carbs and minerals. Healthy fats are critical to a healthy brain, and making a new brain for your baby is next to impossible without them. Cholesterol is used heavily throughout the brain. It also needs a lot of choline, a nutrient attached to healthy fats. Growing brains also need plenty of essential omega fats and we'll show you exactly what foods to eat to do this.


MYTH: Resistance (strength) training during pregnancy can cause joint injury.

SCIENTIFIC TRUTH: It’s true that pregnancy floods your system with relaxin, a hormone that loosens ligaments to prepare your body for delivery. But a 2011 University of Georgia study found that a low-to-moderate-intensity strength program is safe, even for novices. “The relaxin risk is largely theoretical,” says study co-author Patrick O’Connor, Ph.D.  The study included machines, free weights and body-weight exercises -- the same methods outlined in the All-Belly Pregnancy Workouts below.


MYTH: If you are very active or athletic, you need to gradually dial down your exercise intensity.

SCIENTIFIC TRUTH: Nobody recommends gut-busting sprints for pregnant women, if your doctor gives you the OK you can maintain your program as long as you do not have any complications with your baby. The key is staying extremely hydrated and to avoid huffing and puffing as we teach you in the program.


MYTH: You shouldn't work your abs.

SCIENTIFIC TRUTH: Of course, after the first trimester, avoid doing crunches or exercise from your back. O'Connor's study included an ab exercise performed while standing and plank exercises, until the day of birth. During the last two hours of pushing, you will be very grateful you trained your core.


MYTH: Exercising can cause preterm labor. 

SCIENTIFIC TRUTH: There is actually no evidence to support these claims.  If you don't have a history of preterm labor and are experiencing a low-risk, healthy pregnancy, exercising in your third trimester is perfectly safe. In fact, according to the Mayo Clinic, prenatal exercise actually helps prep your body for labor and delivery by increasing your stamina and muscle strength.


MYTH: Exercise can cause miscarriage.

SCIENTIFIC TRUTH: A Danish Study of 92,000 women showed no increase in miscarriage from exercise performed after 18 weeks. Before 18 weeks, an increase in miscarriage was found only in women who intensely worked out more than 7 hours per week with high-impact activities, which is NOT what the All-Belly Pregnancy Program entails.


MYTH: Don't work out more than 3 times a week.

SCIENTIFIC TRUTH: Assuming your doctor approves you for exercise, it's optimal to engage in at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise daily, five or more times a week. Our program has you lifting weights four times a week in the first trimester, three times a week in the second trimester and two times a week in the third trimester. Our workouts are designed to help you cope with labor and recovery.


MYTH: You should avoid fish. 

SCIENTIFIC TRUTH: This is a huge detriment to your child. Most women think it's too confusing to  understand which fish are OK to eat based on their mercury levels. For optimal neural development you need to consume high quality fish that contains DHA, an omega-3 that is essential for optimal brain and eye development. Your body does not make DHA so you we'll teach you how to get it from the food you eat.


MYTH: Pregnancy means eating for two. 

SCIENTIFIC TRUTH: The is true with a caveat. This is not two adults; it's actually about 1.25 persons or an additional 300 calories in trimester one and two and closer to 500 calories during trimester three. We'll teach you the best baby-building foods instead of Ben & Jerry's.


MYTH: If you weren't exercising before you got pregnant, do not start now.

SCIENTIFIC TRUTH: Pregnancy is a perfect time to start moving. “Nowhere in the medical literature does it say that moderate exercise is unsafe, even for previously sedentary women,” says Raul Artal, M.D., chairman of the OB-GYN department at Saint Louis University in Missouri and lead author of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists’ guidelines on prenatal exercise.
We do not suggest starting anything new until you get clearance from your physician as all pregnancies are different.


MYTH: Food cravings are normal.

SCIENTIFIC TRUTH: They are only normal if your diet is poor. Your baby is made up of mostly water, healthy fats, proteins, and minerals, along with vegetables contains vitamins and minerals. Food craving arise when you pump your body with foods that contain harmful fats, denatured proteins and too many carbohydrates. Plus, harmful chemical additives, artificial coloring, preservatives, pesticides, fungicides, and heavy metals will throw your hormones out of whack. None of these foods belong in a baby's body and we'll show you how to eat for a better baby. 


MYTH: You should just focus on your pelvic floor, hips and back.

SCIENTIFIC TRUTH: Delivering a baby requires every muscle in your body -- get ready to meet muscles you didn't know you had. Oh yeah, don't forget how you'll be spending the next year carrying a heavy seat/infant/diaper bag and you'll need every muscle in your body strong and ready.  As long as your pregnancy isn't considered high-risk, doing some strength training is completely safe. A recent study conducted by the University of Georgia followed a group of pregnant women, between weeks 21 and 25, for 12 weeks as they weight-trained (with supervision) two days per week. No one was injured.

You probably didn't know all of this, and that's okay. I didn't either despite being a full-time nurse, or even after I graduated from McMaster Univeristy. However, it's absolutely vital that you know it NOW because keeping your baby in growth mode and out of defense mode is central to a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby, and it will not affect only your child's entire life but his or her children's children and beyond…  in fact…

All-Belly Pregnancy Succeeds Where
Other Prenatal Sites & Books Fail

All-Belly Pregnancy workouts have all been designed with three step-by-step exercise phases to accommodate to each unique trimester and to lower insulin resistance.

Basically, we are not giving you vague and general workout advice, we're laying out an entire nine-month blueprint to a have an all-belly pregnancy.

Your body will undergo some remarkable changes over the nine months and our Three-Phase Pregnancy Workouts as you prepare your body for the “mother of all marathons” -- giving birth!

Each trimester you will follow a new weight training routine that revolves around free-weights, machines, resistance bands and bodyweight exercises. As your body changes, so will your workout and you'll know exactly how many sets, reps, rest periods, and speed of movement. Plus, you'll receive detailed exercise instruction on video to ensure you can perform every move safely.

Most females have no clue about how to exercise when expecting with confidence and we planned to fix this.  For the first time in history, we lay out a complete three-phase workout program to eliminate all the thought and guess-work -- while keeping your baby protected and keeping you fit and strong.

All-Belly Pregnancy nutrition is backed by the most recent science to keep your baby in Growth Mode (NOT Defense mode) and to offer protection from toxic foods.

Thinking about changing your diet can be intimidating, but the payoff for eating a healthy, toxin-free diet is worth it and we made it extremely easy for any budget and lifestyle to follow.

As a prospective parent, our goal is to teach you how to use nutrition methods to send your baby the message to remain in growth mode. That's what our nutrition road map is all about.

Keeping your baby in growth mode and out of defense mode is crucial to your child's whole life. When a baby enters defense mode, the mechanisms that take place to ensure protection always come at a cost. No matter how minor the defensive reaction is, it diverts energy from growth and development.

Since your baby is so sensitive during this crucial growth phases in the womb, a defensive reaction may deprive your baby of the only chance to develop certain abilities and attributes.

Our nutrition manual will tell you what to eat and what not to eat to keep your baby in growth mode!

All-Belly Pregnancy supplementation is backed by hours of research to maximize your babies' cognitive abilities.

Our supplement protocols will help your body to detoxify, build up reserves and achieve greater health and vitality for you and your baby. 

More than fifty million mothers worldwide have children with cognitive problems because of a lack of basic vitamins! For instance, if a mother is iodine deficient during pregnancy, her baby's brain will not develop the best it can.

We also learned that prenatal vitamins (and maybe some folic acid) is woefully inadequate, and many prenatal vitamin products contain toxins! If the only thing you remember from this website is that one-a-day prenatals are not enough, you'll have improved your chances of a health, optimal pregnancy.

We'll teach you how to supplement on a budget, the highest quality brands, when to take on a empty stomach, and when to take with food. As we explain each nutrient, we'll explain when you should take it recommend ideal doses. 

Investing in the right supplements is an excellent investment  considering the reduced health risks and lifelong health benefits you and your kids will gain.

A Sneak Peak of What is Inside

Yes! These are actual screen shots of our program

Why You Should Workout
and Eat the ALL-BELLY Way

10 Reasons You MUST Work Out and Eat The  ALL-BELLY Pregnancy Way

Not to mention…

What You Get Inside The ALL-BELLY Pregnancy

So if you're ready for a comprehensive prenatal solution that will totally change the way you approach your pregnancy days, plus help you and your baby to thrive, not survive, it's time that you picked up your copy of All-Belly Pregnancy.


All-Belly Pregancy The Complete 9-Month ALL-BELLY PREGNANCY Package
How To Exercise When Expecting

How To Exercise When Expecting
Online Workout Videos ($97 Value)

Included are 9 complete workouts utilizing different techniques for each trimester. All workouts can be done at home with a stability ball, dumbbells and resistance band. Let the experts take you through safe and effective exercises that will keep excess weight off and make mommy and baby healthy!  The videos were all shot in High Definition with professional sound and editing for an enjoyable learning experience.

All-BElly Workout Guide

The Workout Guide
($47 Value)

This colorful 126 page guide is complete with Exercise Descriptions and detailed pictures, The Facts About Hydration and Water, 10 Tips To Staying Fit Without Leaving The Home, 10 Ways To Make you Look and Feel Sexier While Pregnant, and includes an 8-week Get Your Body Back Workout Guide so you can be a Fit Yummy Mummy in no time.

Printable Workout Sheets

Printable Workout Sheets
($27 Value)

It's all about preparation and execution. You'll be 100% prepared for every workout after printing out your workout complete with exercise order, sets and reps. The best part; each workout sheet includes pictures of the Start and Finish position so you'll never say, "How do I do that exercise again?"  You have zero guesswork whatsoever.

What To Eat When Expecting

What To Eat When Expecting
($47 Value)

What you eat, your baby eats! This no-fluff guide is the most comprehensive nutrition manual you will find on eating healthy while pregnant and based on the most cutting-edge sciene. You'll learn What To Eat and What Not To Eat While Pregnant; listing plenty of food choices, you can be sure you will have the healthiest pregnancy, and baby, possible. Included are tips on managing Morning Sickness and Fluid Retention, How To Break The Bondage of Bad Habits, Pregnancy Nutrition 101, 9 Basics of a Healthy Pregnancy, Are Your Cravings Telling You Something and The How to Make Fast Changes in your Health Checklist. Your incredible journey starts here; in the kitchen. Let Food Be Thy Medicine.

How To Supplement When Expecting

How To Supplement When Expecting
($37 Value)

Think you know all about vitamins and minerals? Now you'll be a master, with this 30 page no nonsense guide discussing the importance of each vitamin and mineral you NEED when expecting. Included are plenty of food sources for each vitamin and mineral, recommended dose for pregnancy and lactation, deficiency and overdose side effects, and the role each play in the health of mom and baby. This is VITAL information that can prevent gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, childhood allergies, asthma and so much more.  Flavia also includes her daily supplement regime and suggests what vitamins and minerals are important to take above the natural food sources.

How To Supplement When Expecting

LIFETIME Access To The Flavilicious Membership Forum
($197 Value)

Looking to connect with thousands of women who have been there and done that? Now is your chance with a lifetime membership to the Flavilicious Membership Forum. Talk with women about anything inside these forums. Join a pregnancy group, post-partum group, post your pictures or come on in to get encouraged and motivated. There are articles, fitness routines, contests and more that are exclusive to members only. We can't wait to hear from you and cheer you on during this amazing and memorable time in your life.


As a thank you for visiting the site today, you have the opportunity to get the full 6-component $452 package + The Bonus How To Cook When Expecting, a $97 Value, at the low cost of:

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That's less than the price of an expensive and useless supplement.

And supplements become the most expensive when they don't work, no matter what you paid for them. You could easily start dropping anywhere from $100 to $300 a month!

For a tiny fraction of the price, with All-Belly Pregnancy, you will make your investment back from the supplement section alone because I know what brands to stay away from and tell you only what I personally use on myself and with my aunts, cousins, sisters and clients.      

Simply put, we want to put this powerful information into your hands today at an extremely affordable price because you and your baby deserve that. To be frank, we could charge five times the amount and it'd still be an incredible value, but I'm not going to do that—at least not today.

Try ALL-BELLY Pregnancy RISK FREE for 60 days


Review the primary components of the program -- the manuals and the videos -- and if you don't think they were professionally designed and edited to ensure the easiest and most enjoyable experience to consume… we will give you 100% of your money back… OR:


Use our Program for 60 days ON US. If you do not feel you are on track for an all-belly pregnancy … and that you're helping your baby be smarter, healthier and stronger… we will give you 100% of your money back… OR:

If you don't like the SERVICE you receive after purchase and don't believe we have the most caring and helpful support team to aid you with any concern, same guarantee: 100% of your money back!

We want to make this decision for you super easy by extending to you our no-questions-asked, 60-day Money Back Guarantee. That's how confident I am that you are going to love All-Belly Pregnancy.

You have eight full weeks to try All-Belly Pregnancy, and if it's not for you, for any reason at all, just let us know and we'll refund your money – all of it.

That's how absolutely positive we are All-Belly Pregnancy will revolutionize the way you view pregnancy and fitness—as well as having a positive lifelong impact on your child than you ever thought possible...

The Complete 9-Month ALL-BELLY PREGNANCY Package

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If You Don't Do This For You, Do It For Your Baby…

You might not like me playing the “guilt card”, but since I’ve been 100% real with you, why stop now?

Do It For Your Baby

I've seen ladies try to go about having a fit and healthy pregnancy on their own.

The results are NOT pretty.

Simply meaning, many of those ugly pregnancy symptoms I mentioned earlier become their “normal” and they end up confused, scared and take no action at all - causing the baby and mother to suffer through a rough nine months (plus a few more months afterwards, too). 

Our 3-Phase Exercise Approach & Eating Guide is highly specific.  Please don't blindly follow advice you read or hear. Wouldn't you agree it's not worth taking unnecessary risks? 

We're convinced that our program was helpful to our family and clients families in tangible ways. Even though you will never be able to prove that your children is healthier because of the steps you take, I know - the way only a mommy can know - that our child is better off because of our efforts.

I am sincerely confident that our program will help you with an all-belly pregnancy, and help to improve your baby's health, intelligence, and well-being.

$97    $47

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We know we have come up with something unique and one-of-a-kind that will change the way you approach  this pregnancy and your future pregnancies.

Now, it's time to take advantage of this program to offer you a road map to a healthy & fit pregnancy.

To mommie's and babie's succes,,

Flavia Flavia

Flavia Del Monte
R.N. CPT, P.N. Certified

P.S. Remember, with our Iron-clad, 100% Triple Guarantee, we are giving you 60 risk-free days to experience what a fit & health pregnancy should feel like. Grab it RISK-FREE today.

P.P.S. Have a question? We probably have the answer to it below!

Still Not Sure If ALL-BELLY Pregnancy
Is Right For You?

Q: What is All-Belly Pregnancy and how will it help me have a fit & healthy pregnancy?

A: All-Belly Pregnancy is a 3-Phase Exercise Approach, Eating & Supplement Guide that is highly specific to all three trimesters. It is designed to keep your baby in growth mode and out of defense mode, which is central to a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby, and the methods will help improve the chances of a healthy life for your child.

Most prenatal information is not organized or structured into a step-by-step program telling you exactly how to exercise, what foods to eat, what foods to avoid and how to supplement, so that you can experience a health all-belly pregnancy. 

It’s really a no-brainer. You’ll only gain weight where you’re supposed to, you’ll avoid the “ugly” pregnancy symptoms experienced by women that don’t know what we know, and you’ll finally be able to thrive instead of survive, and drastically improve your chances of a healthy, optimal pregnancy.

Q: I don't have access to a gym, what equipment will I need to do these workouts at home?

A: No problem! There is a complete home version of each exercise. All you need is a stability ball, a set of light weights (3 to 8 pound dumbbells at the minimum), and a resistance band.

Q: I have never worked out with weights, is this a safe program for me?

A: It is not recommended that you start anything new when pregnant. Always contact your doctor before starting a workout program.

Q: What if I'm pregnant and starting out underweight?

A: If you are underweight, we'll teach you how to increase your daily calorie intake accordingly. You will need the extra weight to prevent your baby from being born earlier than the due date.

Q: What if I'm pregnant and starting out overweight?

A: This is very common and it's important to understand you can attract some health issues such as gestational diabetes and high blood pressure but regardless, this is not the time to go on a diet and you will still need to gain some extra weight. We will teach you how to eat nutrient dense foods to optimize your body's hormonal environment and to help your body utilize fat as a source of fuel throughout your pregnancy.

Q: How much weight should I gain?      

A: Without a shadow of a doubt, you will gain weight during pregnancy.  It's crucial for keeping your baby in growth mode and out of defense mode. The closer you stay to the general guidelines through exercise, nutrition and supplementation for pregnancy weight gain the easier it will be to take off the pounds after the baby is born. If you are somewhat underweight, your total recommended weight gain should be about 28-40 pounds. If you fall into the normal weight category, your recommended weight gain should be about 25-35 pounds. If you are somewhat overweight your weight gain may fall into the 15-25 pound range. If you are obese, your range of weight gain may be about 15 pounds. If you are pregnant with more than one child, your weight gain will be more. Most females gain excess weight in the first trimester and suffer more than necessary. Our program will keep you within the optimal weight gain ranges.

Q: Are you sure it's safe to exercise during pregnancy

A: We are not doctors so please check with your doctor first, but for the majority of women, it's riskier not to exercise. Staying active is critical and no longer the disability it was considered decades ago, and our program will adjust your exercise routine very carefully and progressively from trimester to trimester. Having a strong and toned body will result in an easier pregnancy, labor and delivery, and you can have your pre-baby body back in no time.

Q: Can I follow All-Belly Pregnancy if I'm already in my second or third trimester?       

A: Yes, that is OK because each workout is adjusted to the specific trimester you are in. You are not following one 9-month program - you're following three separate 12-week phases that are structured and progressive. This ensures an optimal balance between over-exercising and under-exercising.

Q: Can I follow All-Belly Pregnancy if I have gestational diabetes?

A: Yes, aside from monitoring your sugar intake (we'll teach you how in the nutrition section), physical activity is the best way to keep your blood sugar and insulin in check. Exercise helps to lose weight not because it burns energy but primarily because it increases insulin sensitivity and lowers the insulin level. A high insulin level signals the body to store fat for later use (which never comes if you're inactive). Exercise is not only essential for women with gestational diabetes but women having trouble getting pregnant because of an insulin issue.

Q: I have never worked out with weights or done strength training. Is this a safe program for me? 

A: Yes, like we said above, it's riskier to do nothing and not to exercise. It is not recommended you start anything new without contacting your doctor but assuming you get clearance, our workout program is highly specific, instructional and flexible.

Q: Can I still run and do cardio?  

A: Yes, but this is no time to take up marathon running or gut-busting sprints. All-Belly Pregnancy includes a full-blown cardio regime that is structured and progressive. We will provide optimal heart rate zones to stay within and explicit guidelines for how to know if you're doing too much. The entire workout is designed around optimizing your fitness while protecting your baby, simultaneously. This is not the time to be a hero!

Q: I have a lot of back pain, can I still use All-Belly Pregnancy?    

A: Absolutely, and we strongly recommend you follow the Stretching program that is included. It offered my body enormous relief and I have been able to resume all of my normal everyday activities because of the regular stretching program we teach you.

Q: Can I watch the exercise videos on my smartphone?

A: Yes, our videos are all shot in High Definition with professional sound so you will have an easy time consuming the information on any smartphone, tablet or computer. We love our technology, too! :-)

Q: Am I going to need to spend a fortune on supplements?      

A: All of the supplements I take personally cost about $300 per month because I take the largest amounts of high-quality brands. Depending on your choices, it's possible to keep your pre-pregnancy supplement bill to under $100 per month. Even this isn't cheap, but we've found it to be an excellent investment, considering the reduced health risk and the lifelong benefits you and your kids will gain. As with many products, you get what you pay for, although some of the most expensive supplements are useless and don't work. And supplements become most expensive when you buy the wrong ones and they don't work, no matter what you pay for them. We'll show you the research and let you decide what level of nutrition you wish to offer your growing baby.

Q: What if it doesn't work for me?

A: This is the easiest question of all. If, for some reason you're not happy with your results, our service or the quality of the product… well, it's no cost to you.

No catch. Just ask for your money back. That's the way we expect people to do business with us and that's how we do business with you.

At the end of the day, you have a full 60 days to put the program to the test and if this is not what you wanted, you can have every penny back. No hard feelings. No arm-twisting tactics to make you stay. No tricks, no sneaky business. I HATE that stuff and respect myself and respect you too much.

I'm so positive in All-Belly Pregnancy that I can make this 60-day guarantee because it's been designed with science and strategy. Test it out for yourself, experience the results yourself and if it's not everything I've told you about, I'll give you a full refund and you can even keep the system just for giving it a try.

Now, that's MORE than fair, wouldn't you agree?

Add to cart No Shipping Costs!



All-Belly Pregnancy provides information for educational purposes and is not a substitute for professional medical advice or a medical examination. All-Belly Pregnancy advises you to seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health-care professional prior to participating in any new workout or nutrition program including All-Belly Pregnancy. The parties involved in the making of All-Belly Pregnancy does not take any responsibility to injuries that may occur while using the workouts, nutrition, supplement or any other part of the All-Belly Pregnancy program.


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